Who We Are

In 1948, the sculptor Amilcare Santini, after modelling statues for some factories’ account, decide to open a little firm for the production of rubber moulds (ARSGOMMA) destined to be sent all over the world and, in particular, to the Italian emigrants in America.

Via della Madonna factory'sThe obtained success and the always greater request of customers, convince him to make the most important step of his life.

In fact, in 13th January 1958, with the son Nedo, 23 years old, began the production of the statues in imitation alabaster with the name of “I.S.A.C. DI SANTINI NEDO” (Industry of Artistic Statues of Cecina).

Via della Madonna factory'sThe new society started to work in a little plant in Cecina, Via della Madonna. Since 1960, the factory began the production of statues in oxolyte (alabaster powder and resins).

The new production had a great success and the activity began with only 2 workmen, in few years was able to employ more than 200 workmen inside the factory and as many at home.

In 1963 began the construction of a new plant of about 7000 square meters in Bibbona that it was operative for over 20 years.

Via Terra dei Ceci factory'sIn 1972 began the construction of the new big and modern plant in Cecina, Via Terra dei Ceci. This plant of more than 8000 square meters is still the social, manufacturing and administrative seat of the society.

Since 1978, the I.S.A.C. began the production of hand-painted statues in perfect Capodimonte style as the most ancient Italian tradition.

In the 1986, after the entry of Nedo’s sons, Alberto and Gianni, the name of the society was changed in ISAC STATUE SRL (the today’s name).

Ennio FuriesiIn the 1987, after the discontinuance of production activity of the famous factory “TITO BIANCHI” where Amilcare has obtained the first work, the family Santini decided to acquire the rights of exclusive reproduction and bought all the machineries and the equipments extending the range of the production with statues of remarkable artistic regard modelled by the famous sculptor Gino Ruggeri, born in Volterra (Pisa) the country of alabaster.

At the present, 4 sculptors collaborate with our firm in order to create the new exclusive models and in particular:

- Ennio Furiesi: for classic and religious statues
- Isabella Di Fabio: for babies and animals
- Marcello Salvestrini: for liberty statues and art-decò
- Andrea Kostner: for cribs and religious statues.

After 40 years of activity ISAC STATUE SRL is, at the present, the most renowned and famous factory in Italy for the production of classic and religious statues in oxolyte and pietritex and the production of hand-painted statues in Capodimonte style