Where We Are

The plant with the offices and the showroom is in Cecina in Via Terra dei Ceci n1, Province of Leghorn.

If you decide to visit us, we will be very pleased to put at your disposition our staff in order to illustrate all the news items and the working.

It is no difficult to find us whichever is the mean of transport which you use.

  1. By Air
    The near airport of Pisa is about 45 km from Cecina. From here you can use a rent car and drive in south direction towards the A12 Freeway until the exit of Rosignano and to continue for 7 Km (direction of Roma) along the Aurelia Superhighway until the exit of Cecina Centro.

  2. By Train
    The station of Cecina is along the Roma-Livorno-Genova-Torino-Parigi-Londra axis and nearly all the trains make the stopped one. The times in order to catch up are:
    3 hours
    3 hours
    5 hours
    1 hour
    40 minutes

    If, instead, you arrive from Firenze it will be necessary about 2 hours; from Milano will be necessary about 6 hours.
    When you arrive in the station of Cecina, you can telephone to 0586/630607. Our office staff will take care of you for the transfer to our offices.

  3. By Car
    1. From Roma
      you will drive along the Roma-Fiumicino-Civitavecchia Freeway towards North. You will continue along the road Aurelia (4 gangways except a short features) in order to exit to Cecina Centro (about 2.50 hours)
    2. From Milano
      you will drive along the Freeway of the Sun until Parma. From here, along the Freeway of the Cisa you will reach the Genova-Rosignano Freeway and then you will continue towards south until the exit of Rosignano. You will continue for 7 km (direction of Roma) along the Aurelia Superhighway until the exit of Cecina Centro (about 4 hours).
    3. From Firenze
      you will drive along the Firenze-Livorno Superhighway until the graft of the Genova-Rosignano Freeway. Then you will follow the instructions of the point B. (about 1 hour)

    In any case, when you arrive to the exit of Cecina Centro, you will have to follow the indications of the reproduced map below. In case of difficulty you can telephone to our office in order to receive all indications.

    Clicca sull'immagine per accedere alla carta della Toscana