Various figures
In this collection we can enclose all items that we can't put in the other categories.
NUDE. All sculptors has given a particular importance to the nude, especially to the female nude; the largest part of masterpieces reproduce female nude more or less filiform in reference to the historical period.
Also our sculptors have dedicated their inspiration to this art with results very appreciated.
FAR WEST. In order to meet the request of our American customers, it's available a collection of statues 'far west' so we can see in the drawings of Remington.
TROPHIES. We can supply statues for the most important sporting manifestation.
RECURRENCES. The most important moments of our life have been represented by Amilcare Santini with statues of excellent quality.


A couple of children

A sound sleep

Children on the wall

Children with umbrella

Fisher children

Little girl with bird

Little girl with clown

Little girl with dolls

Little girl with hand bag

Little girl with rabbit

Lying girl 'Autumn'

Lying girl 'Spring'

Lying girl 'Summer'

Lying girl 'Winter'

Lying girl reading a book


Mum with child

Sitting maternity

The round dance

The see-saw

They are debating and the fifer

Far West

The hunter

The outlaw and the scerif

The stage coach


Butterflies' vase

Female nude

Female nude

Female nude with panther

Female nude with panther

Female nude with swan

Nude 'Earth'

Nude 'Fire'

Nude 'Sky'

Nude 'Water'


First Holy Comunion

The bride

The married couple

The married couple

The married couple


The sprinter

The swans' lake

The windsurf